What are the top-rated culinary schools in England for learning traditional British baking?

Throughout history, London has been known for its grandeur, rich culture, and remarkable landmarks. Yet, the culinary scene is a realm that often goes unexplored. London has much to offer when it comes to food and culinary arts. It is a hub for some of the world's finest cooking schools, teaching expertise in various cuisines, including traditional British baking.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the best culinary schools in England, specifically in London, that provide excellent courses focused on British baking. We will also touch upon what you can expect to learn from these institutions.

Le Cordon Bleu London

The culinary world is incomplete without mentioning Le Cordon Bleu. With a rich history of over 120 years, this school is internationally recognized for its excellence in culinary and hospitality education. The London branch, located in the heart of the city, is widely known for the top-notch courses it provides.

Their Diploma in Patisserie is exceptionally well-structured for students who wish to master the art of baking. The course is designed to make you proficient in a wide range of pastries, bread, and desserts – a significant part of traditional British cuisine. Le Cordon Bleu’s experienced chefs guide you through the process, providing hands-on experience in the state-of-the-art kitchens of the institute.

Tante Marie Culinary Academy

Founded in 1954, the Tante Marie Culinary Academy is the oldest independent cooking school in the UK. Based in Woking, a short train ride away from London, the academy is known for its intensive courses that cater to both beginners and seasoned chefs.

The Professional Patisserie Scholarship is the highlight for aspiring bakers. This exhaustive course covers everything from bread and dough to classic desserts and cake decoration. The academy also offers a unique Wine and Gastronomy module, which teaches students the art of pairing food with wine.

Cookery School at Little Portland Street

The Cookery School at Little Portland Street prides itself on a sustainable and ‘no fuss’ approach to cooking. Located in central London, the school emphasizes on using organic, locally sourced ingredients in their recipes.

Their Baking classes range from short one-day courses to six-week comprehensive programs. You will learn to whip up traditional British delicacies like scones, Victoria sponge cakes, and hot cross buns under the guidance of seasoned chefs.

The School of Artisan Food

Situated in the heart of Sherwood Forest, The School of Artisan Food is a bit farther from London but worth the journey. This school is a perfect fit for those who are passionate about artisan baking and traditional British recipes.

The Advanced Diploma in Baking is the flagship course here. The course is intensive and covers the science behind baking, exploring various ingredients and fermentation processes. You can expect to become adept at making classic British bread and pastries by the end of this program.

Westminster Kingsway College

Westminster Kingsway College in London has been a launching pad for many successful chefs, including Jamie Oliver. It offers vast culinary courses, but its bakery and patisserie courses are especially worth mentioning.

The Level 2 Diploma in Bakery and Patisserie course is an all-round program. You will learn the fundamental techniques in baking, along with a theoretical understanding of the craft. The course pays special attention to traditional British baking, making it a perfect choice for baking enthusiasts.

Learning the art of traditional British baking is an enriching experience. It involves understanding the delicate balance of ingredients and mastering a variety of techniques. These culinary schools in England provide the perfect platform for you to dive into this world. Whether you're a beginner looking for an immersive baking experience or a seasoned cook hoping to refine your skills, these institutions offer the best courses tailored to your needs.

Ashburton Cookery School

Located in the heart of Devon, Ashburton Cookery School is a renowned culinary institution that has been inspiring and educating budding chefs for more than two decades. It offers an array of courses, from beginners to advanced levels, but its baking and pastry courses are particularly well-regarded.

The Advanced Baking and Patisserie Diploma is a comprehensive course that covers a broad spectrum of baking techniques and recipes, with a considerable focus on traditional British baking. From classic bread and pastries to contemporary British cake decorations, the course provides in-depth practical training. It also includes a module on business planning and entrepreneurship, offering a complete package for aspiring bakers and patissiers.

Ashburton Cookery School's commitment to sustainability is visible in its emphasis on using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. The school is situated in a region well-known for its high-quality food produce, providing students with an opportunity to work with some of the finest ingredients in the United Kingdom.

London School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

London School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts is a part of the University of West London and is one of the UK’s leading culinary institutions. Its location in the heart of cosmopolitan London, its close ties to the industry, and its modern facilities make it an attractive choice for those interested in a career in the culinary arts.

The Bakery and Patisserie Technology BSc is a three-year degree course that provides a balance of practical skills and theoretical knowledge in baking and patisserie. The course has a strong focus on traditional British baking, and students gain a comprehensive understanding of the science and techniques involved in creating classic British baked goods.

This school also encourages its students to partake in various competitions and industry events, providing them with real-world experience and networking opportunities. Industry placements are also a significant part of the curriculum, offering students practical experience in a commercial setting.


Whether you’re interested in mastering the art of baking classic British scones, savouring the perfect Victoria sponge cake, or crafting an exquisite loaf of artisanal bread, these top-rated culinary schools in England provide the ideal learning environment.

Each school offers unique features: Le Cordon Bleu for its world-class reputation, Tante Marie Culinary Academy for its intensive courses, Cookery School at Little Portland Street for its sustainable approach, The School of Artisan Food for its emphasis on traditional crafts, Westminster Kingsway College for its wide range of courses, Ashburton Cookery School for its commitment to sustainability, and London School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts for its balance of practical and theoretical learning.

England, particularly London, is a hotspot for culinary education, and these institutions stand out as some of the best places to learn traditional British baking. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced chef looking to sharpen your skills, these schools offer a comprehensive range of courses to suit your interests and career ambitions in the exciting world of baking.