What are the top-rated campgrounds in the UK with electric vehicle charging stations?

As we move into the era of sustainable travel, electric vehicles have come to be a central part of our journey towards a greener future. The adoption of electric cars brings with it the need for accessible charging points. Unlike your typical gas station, these charging points must be strategically located to accommodate the unique charging needs of these vehicles. One such location where electric vehicle owners often find themselves in need of a charging point is at a campsite. Thankfully, numerous campsites across the UK have incorporated charging points into their facilities, ensuring campers can enjoy their holiday without worrying about their car's charge.

The Camping and Caravanning Club Sites

The Camping and Caravanning Club recognises the growing demand for electric vehicle charging stations and has thus incorporated them into a number of their campsites. These campsites are not just providing a charging point but are also embraced for their overall offerings, becoming popular destinations for holiday goers in the UK.

The Scarborough Camping and Caravanning Club Site is one such site. Located on the picturesque North Yorkshire coast, this campsite offers a fantastic mix of natural beauty and modern amenities. The site's electric charging point is conveniently located, allowing visitors to charge their vehicles while exploring the nearby towns and beaches.

Another notable location is the Keswick Camping and Caravanning Club Site in the beautiful Lake District. This site provides an excellent base for exploring the national park, and with a charging point on site, electric vehicle owners can traverse the stunning landscape without anxiety over their car's charge.

Certified Locations on Farms

For those of you who prefer a more rural setting for your camping holiday, some farms have also begun offering charging points for electric vehicles.

A leading example of this is Humble Bee Farm located in the Yorkshire Wolds. This working farm provides a unique and tranquil camping experience, complete with electric vehicle charging facilities. The farm's charging point allows visitors to explore the surrounding countryside in their electric cars without fear of running out of charge.

Another farm that offers this facility is the Lower Hill Camp Site Farm in Shropshire. This family-run farm provides a relaxed and welcoming environment to campers, and the addition of a charging point means you can travel around the local area in your electric car with ease.

Holiday Parks with Charging Points

Holiday parks provide a fun and family-friendly setting for a camping trip, and many of these parks have recognised the need for electric vehicle charging points.

Wooda Farm Holiday Park in Cornwall is one such example. This holiday park offers a range of facilities, from a games room and sports courts to a farm shop and fishing lake. The charging point allows electric vehicle owners to venture further afield and explore Cornwall's beautiful coastline.

Julia's Meadow, a popular holiday park in the Cotswolds, also boasts an electric vehicle charging point. This family-friendly park offers a range of facilities to keep everyone entertained, and the charging point ensures you can explore the surrounding countryside without worrying about your vehicle's charge.

Campsites with On-site Charging Points

Lastly, there are numerous independent campsites that have incorporated charging points into their facilities. These sites offer a varied and unique camping experience, making them an excellent choice for your next camping holiday.

One of these campsites is Deepdale Backpackers & Camping on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast. This award-winning eco-friendly campsite offers a range of accommodations, from backpacker dorms to private ensuite rooms. The charging point is a welcome addition, allowing visitors to take their electric vehicle around the Norfolk coastline.

In the South West of England, you'll find Stonehenge Campsite and Glamping Pods. This award-winning campsite is located within the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, and the addition of a charging point makes it the perfect base for exploring the local area in your electric vehicle.

As the electric vehicle revolution continues to grow, more and more campsites across the UK are likely to integrate charging points into their facilities. So whether you're a current electric vehicle owner, or contemplating the switch, you can be confident that the UK's campsites are ready to accommodate your charging needs.

Green-Certified Eco Campsites

Climate-conscious travellers are increasingly seeking out sustainable camping experiences that go beyond just providing charging stations for electric vehicles. A considerable number of eco-friendly campsites in the UK are going the extra mile to minimize their carbon footprint while offering electric vehicle charging facilities.

The Henfryn Farm in Carmarthenshire is an excellent example of green-certified eco-campsites. This farm-based campsite is certified by Green Tourism, the world's largest and most established sustainable certification programme. It offers a peaceful retreat into nature with its organic farm, wildlife-rich nature trails, and a riverside location. In addition to being entirely off-grid, Henfryn Farm has provided an electric vehicle charging point. This allows campers to enjoy the rich Welsh countryside without worrying about their vehicle's charge.

Another eco-conscious and green-certified campsite with electric vehicle charging is Beech Estate Campsite in Sussex. This woodland campsite is part of the larger eco-friendly camping network, The Eco Camp UK. Here, campers can indulge in an entirely off-grid camping experience while surrounded by the wild beauty of the Sussex countryside. The campsite offers an electric charge point for vehicles, ensuring that campers with electric cars can explore the nearby national park, local attractions, and coastal towns sustainably and conveniently.

In Conclusion

The growth in popularity of electric vehicles has led to a significant transformation in the way we travel. As this green revolution unfolds, campsites across the UK are responding to the call by incorporating electric vehicle charging points into their facilities. This initiative not only allows campers with electric cars to enjoy their holidays without running out of charge, but it also contributes to the broader goal of sustainable and environmentally-friendly travel.

From club campsites and certified farm locations to holiday parks and independent campsites, the options for camping with electric vehicle charging are expanding. These facilities are offering a range of experiences, from exploring the picturesque national parks, coastal regions, and rural landscapes, to enjoying on-site amenities at holiday parks and farms.

Moreover, the rise of green-certified eco campsites indicates a growing commitment to sustainable tourism. These campsites are setting an example by adopting environmentally-friendly practices and providing electric charge points, enabling campers to travel sustainably and responsibly.

In an era where sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity, these campsites are making it easier for campers to transition into greener modes of travel. So, whether you're an electric vehicle owner or considering making the switch, you can be assured that the UK's campsites are well-equipped to cater to your charging needs while offering unforgettable camping experiences.